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TRBP Sourdoughs - 4 Styles

TRBP Sourdoughs - 4 Styles

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Orders need to be placed before 9am Friday. Saturday collection only for all bread & pastries.

Kumara Sourdough

'The Real Bread Project' Indulge in the unique taste of Kumara Sourdough, where the earthy sweetness of Kumara blends harmoniously with tangy Sourdough flavor, creating a delightful twist on a classic favorite.

Olive Sourdough

'The Real Bread Project' Enjoy the robust flavor of olive sourdough, where tangy olives intertwine with hearty bread, creating a savory delight.

Grain Sourdough

'The Real Bread Project' Enjoy the robust flavor and hearty texture of grain sourdough—a nutritious and satisfying option for any meal.

White Sourdough

'The Real Bread Project' Savor the classic simplicity of white sourdough, with its tangy flavor and airy texture, perfect for any occasion.

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