Our story

A perfect marriage of tradition & technology.

At Olliff Farm, our mission has always been clear: to deliver eggs that harken back to the nostalgia of backyard chicken-raising, evoking the unmistakable taste of a truly good egg. Our commitment lies in traditional farming practices, prioritizing both the deliciousness and nutritional value of our eggs, while ensuring the welfare of our animals remains paramount.

The flavor of an egg speaks volumes, and we've learned that by granting our hens an exceptional standard of living, complete with ample pasture for exploration, the result is a superior tasting egg.

Our ethos revolves around farming differently. For us, pasture farming is not just an option, but the only answer. It represents the epitome of free-range, allowing our chickens to revel in their natural habitat around the clock, fostering their innate behaviors.

Our innovative approach extends to our moveable coops, powered by solar energy and designed for easy relocation every few days. This ensures our chickens have constant access to fresh pasture, enabling them to enjoy a diverse diet of insects, seeds, and greens. Moreover, the design of our coops promotes cleanliness and healthiness, with manure passing through purpose-built mesh floors, naturally fertilizing the land without any accumulation.

By affording our chickens this superior lifestyle, we're rewarded with a superior product: our premium pasture eggs. Bursting with flavor, rich in nutrients, and boasting vibrant golden yolks, these eggs exemplify excellence.

In an era where conventional farming has prioritized quantity over quality, we've dared to redefine the standard. Our focus isn't on mass production but on delivering nutritionally dense, exceptional eggs that cater to discerning palates.

Our accolades speak volumes about our success. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Olliff Farm has clinched prestigious awards, including the 2021 Artisan Awards' FRESH category, as well as a coveted GOLD medal and the "People's Choice" recognition in the 2021 Outstanding Food Producers Awards. These triumphs underscore our dedication to excellence and validate our pioneering farming practices.

With a record-breaking number of entries from across New Zealand, our victory in the FRESH category of the 2021 Artisan Awards is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.

Such achievements bolster our confidence in our distinctive farming methods and, more importantly, in the exceptional eggs we produce. We take immense pride in putting pasture eggs on the map in New Zealand and leading the charge in this innovative farming approach.

Striving for excellence.

Embracing simplicity and tradition in our farming practices yields rewards. Olliff Farm consistently participates in and triumphs across various competitions and categories, garnering accolades year after year.