What are pasture eggs?

  • Free range standards NZ

    2500 Hens per hectare

  • SPCA recommends

    2000 Hens per hectare

  • Olliff Farm

    450 Hens per hectare

Moveable coops

Our moveable coops are a stand-out aspect of our farming method. Solar-powered and relocatable, our coops are shifted regularly onto new ground.
This means chickens are consistently grazing fresh pasture - consuming a varied diet of tasty bugs, seeds and greens. Coops are clean and healthy, as manure passes through purpose-built mesh floors inside the coops, meaning there is no build-up, and the land is naturally fertilized.

"The body demands nutrition - not volume"

Changing our eating attitude

The past few decades of conventional farming has been totally focused on producing volume.
Sadly, nutrition has taken the back seat and consumers generally are more worried about how much or many they can get for their dollar, as opposed to the value of nutrition in what they are eating.

"Experience the Difference of Pasture Egg Farming"

Happy hens

Discover a new era in egg farming where our hens roam freely on lush green pastures. Say goodbye to confinement and hello to a happier, healthier life for our feathered friends.

" Pasture to Plate: The Journey of Superior Eggs"

Premium Eggs, Naturally

Experience the superior taste of eggs nurtured by nature. Our hens enjoy a balanced diet of fresh greens, seeds, and bugs, resulting in eggs with rich flavors and vibrant golden yolks.