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Olliff Farm Garden - Shoots & Leaves - 150gms

Olliff Farm Garden - Shoots & Leaves - 150gms

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Introducing "Shoots & Leaves Blend" – a perfect marriage of micro greens and mizuna, meticulously nurtured at Olliff Farm. This exquisite blend combines the vibrant colors and delicate flavors of our micro greens with the crisp, peppery taste of mizuna. Grown without pesticides and enriched with our hand-made compost, free from external inputs, every leaf and shoot embodies our commitment to sustainable farming practices. Whether used as a salad base, a garnish, or a standalone dish, our "Shoots & Leaves Blend" promises to elevate your culinary creations with freshness and vitality. Experience the harmony of nature's bounty with "Shoots & Leaves Blend" – a culinary masterpiece from our fields to your table.

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