We're excited to introduce you to our delightful girls! They come from either the Brown Shaver or Hyline breed, both known for their charming personalities and impressive egg-laying abilities. These lovely ladies have been pampered and cared for with love on our farm, and we're thrilled to ensure they receive the same level of care and attention in their new forever homes. Thank you for considering giving them a happy future!

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What is a Pullet?

A Pullet is a young bird, technically not ready to lay yet. In our case the birds are 16 - 18 weeks old when you adopt them and will start laying from between 18-25 weeks of age depending on time of year and body weight factors.

Will the older hens still lay eggs?

Yes, they will continue to lay for several years. Likely to slow down during the shorter days of the year. We have received great feedback from current adopters about the older hens continuing egg production.

Why are the older hens losing some feathers?

This is absolutely normal and is called "moulting". Each year a chicken will lose some or even all its feathers! They will regrow back to a brand new-looking chicken! Egg production will likely slow down or stop while moulting due to putting all her energy into re-feathering.

What shall i feed my chicken?

Chickens eat pretty much everything, but a quality commercial layer mix or pellet is a good daily addition for optimum production.